Shakshuka has been performing their own unique and contemporary brand of Israeli and Sephardic music spiced with jazz for the past 10 years.  Shakshuka, besides being the name of the group, is also a hot Sephardic/Israeli food that is an eclectic and spicy blend of spices, tomatoes and eggs (check out the recipe!).  Besides being an onomatopoetic word that rolls off your tongue, it is an appropriate metaphor for the eclectic and tasty musical style of Shakshuka.


Like the food, Shakshuka’s music is a fusion of Israeli and Sephardic music, both old and new, that folds in spicy new musical elements of jazz and rock.  The result is a tasty musical dish that re-invents and renews the music.  Shakshuka performs Israeli, Sephardic and Jewish music in Hebrew and Ladino with arrangements that fuse creative and diverse musical elements.  


The group’s musical sources are wide ranging including songs of the early Israeli pioneers, camp favorites, modern Israeli composers, dance songs, biblical sources, Yiddish and Sephardic music


What is our music (and name) all about?

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What is our music (and name) all about?

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Israeli and Sephardic music spiced with jazz