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Who are we?

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Israeli and Sephardic music spiced with jazz

Shakshuka has continued to evolve as new musicians bring new sounds, ideas and talents to the group.  At the core are the founding members- Rachel, Steve and Chuck and their commitment to infusing Israeli and Sephardic music with new energy and interpretations. 

Rachel Rosenberg

Rachel has performed a wide variety of Jewish music in the Chicago area for many years.  Her work has ranged from coffee houses, song leading and choirs.  Rachel is also a Cantor and synagogue Ritual Director.  Rachel is the groups primary vocalist and plays hand percussion.

Chuck Rosenberg

Chuck has grown up playing music encompassing Jewish, rock and jazz.  He has been a camp song leader and has performed in a number of bands over the years.  Chuck plays acoustic guitar and does much of the groups arrangements.

Steve Yastrow

Steve is an gifted musician having graduated from Indiana University with a degree in music composition.  Steve has performed in numerous bands and brings his unique electric and acoustic guitar virtuosity to the music of Shakshuka.

Shimon Levi
Shimon is master darbouka player and instructor.  He is skilled in a wide range of Middle Eastern hand percussion styles and instruments. Originally hailing from Beer Sheva, Israel, Shimon has performed in a wide variety of venues in Israel, Europe and the U.S.

Mike Heimlich
Mike is a bass player and long time member of popular Jewish Chicago folk group Kol Sasson.  Mike brings his high energy, bass and vocals to Shakshuka.

Levi Yastrow

Levi, son of lead guitarist Steve Yastrow, is both a talented musician and artist.  Levi brings his tasty drumming to Shakshuka.

Patrick “Packy” Lundholm
Packy is a graduate of the University of Illinois’ music program and is a seasoned multi-instrumentalist musician on both percussion and bass.

Ari Rosenberg
Ari is an accomplished jazz saxophonist and graduate of the University of Illinois with a minor in music.   He is also the son of Chuck and Rachel.