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Israeli and Sephardic music spiced with jazz

Oh how I love Shakshuka!

The spicy blend of middle eastern rhythms, sizzling guitars, and sumptuous singing is hot and sweet and truly satisfying.  The deep bonds of friendship and family that bind this band together come through the music in a powerfully affirming way. The language of their songs, both ancient and modern, speaks of the richness and mystery of who we are relative to ourselves, to each other, and to our people. The graceful gift of their music brings light to the darkness and illuminates our common spirit.


         Stuart Rosenberg

This baby took a year to birth but it was a true labor of love and a real family affair.  This latest effort from Shakshuka includes an expanded cast including son Ari (Rosenberg) on saxophone, son Levi (Yastrow) with cousin Doug on bass and our amazing darbouka player Shimon Levi who has taken us to a new level and whose son Tazchi makes a guest appearance as well.  We also have a cut (Shalom Aleichem) with our extended families singing.


We were blessed to be able to take another musical journey with friends Stuart Rosenberg (producer) and Mike Konopka (engineer) who encouraged, applauded, inspired and prodded us to continue to explore new ways to express this music.


Leah Sosewitz– Judaic Art Studio created the amazing artwork coupled with the tremendous art direction from friend Amy Charlson.


We hope you enjoy it...

Another Excellent Adventure!